The creation of a new non-logged-in area for Órama's website, with the aim of proposing a more intuitive and personalized experience according to users' needs and goals.
Get to know better the users who visited the open and logged-in area. 
The expected impacts of this research were: 
 Better understand the pains, needs and behaviors of people who invest or are interested in investing in Órama; 
Generate inputs for the project development by the UX team of the new  ​​Órama's portal; 
Help the user feel safe and confident when investing by improving their journey on the portal.
Survey, semi-structured interviews, desk research, CSD matrix dynamics, user journey and empathy map.

CSD matrix UX team / CSD other teams
To raise and align with the actors (ux designers, people from the results management, marketing and service teams) certainties, assumptions and doubts about the research object. This dynamic helps to conduct the research, serving as input for the elaboration of the qualitative and quanti research roadmap, choosing which methodologies will be applied and which questions will be asked to users. 
It was important to involve people from several teams to make the co-creation richer and for the project to be carried out collectively with the perspective of different repertoires, not only that of the ux team, but of all those involved.

Desk Research:

An analysis of the customer database was carried out within the cutout used and analysis of ANBIMA's 2020 investor x-ray survey.

Made with the company's customer base, with a time cut referring to the date of registration in the company (between January and March 2021), with the objective of reducing the impact on the total base. 
Challenge: how to talk to people who had contact with the open area and would be interested in investing in the company? 
Solution: The sample was divided into 2 groups: interested in investing in the company (people who did not complete the registration) and new customers (people who completed the registration and already made the first deposit)

Semi-structured interviews:
Base: 30 people. 
Sample divided between interested in investing in the company, new clients, age group and level of understanding about investments, people who invest alone and with the help of an advisor.
Interview period: 2 weeks. 
Team: 1 ux researcher and 5 ux designers and 1 ux writer alternating between conducting and observing.
Dynamic "Who are these people":
For data analysis, a dynamic was performed in order to summarize and segment the transcribed data. Due to the large volume of data produced and the low amount of resources focused only on research (1 person) it was necessary to conduct the dynamics  together with the ux team in order to summarize the data to facilitate the analysis. 
1 workshop was held with the entire team to optimize the analysis.After segmentation, data were grouped according to behavior patterns and personas were created.

Empathy Map:
After creating the personas, in order for the team to understand a little more who the personas were and generate empathy, an empathy map dynamic was created with the ux team. Speeches and feelings extracted from the research were selected to create the diagrams.

User Journeys (Personas):
After creating the personas and empathy map, so that the ux team could work on the construction of a new website, a user journey was made until the moment of registration at the brokerage. 
Excerpts extracted from interviews with users were used to bring their pain, feelings and needs. The dynamic was carried out in 2 days, lasted 1 hour and had the participation of the entire ux team. 
Then I conducted a dynamic with other teams in the company (marketing, service, developers, results management, cx) with the journey already built by the ux team with the objective of mapping the opportunities within the journey, at each stage. 
The dynamic was made in 2 days and lasted 1 hour. 
After that, a complete and summarized report was made that was shared and presented to the ux team, pms, company directors and other teams.

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